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We can manufacture any specification of wheel that you have, to order with a usual delivery time of 6 weeks or less. We want to make business simple. Standing by and delivering upon our promises are the principles the business is built upon. If we can we will. If we say we will, we do its as simple as that.

Jasco Abrasives is a specialist manufacturer of Standard FEPA and Bespoke Diamond and CBN grinding wheels and tooling based in the UK. Formed in 2004 to distribute the manufactured technology products of John A Stevens, developed over a 50 year career focusing primarily on the Research and Development of resin bonded superabrasive wheels.
With their technology proven, and with large scale manufacturing capabilities in place, Jasco has ambitious growth plans to expand further into their core markets of North America, Europe, and beyond!


Constant development

For us, R&D never stops, it is constantly evolving giving our customers the very latest, up-to-date products giving constant reliable quality performance.

We pride ourselves in our in-house R&D. With over 50 years experience in the production, development and application of resin bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels, our technology has constantly been developed. This ensures that our customers receive a free cutting wheel that consistently delivers a quality finish, with long lasting durability.


Developing a partnership

Our outlook is that a partnership is the best way forward. We are realistic in the way we approach our business, we need to provide you with value for money, but also great service. You will see from our prices that we are competitive.
As our relationship grows we will look to further enhance our prices, and look to reduce delivery times.


Listening to your specific requirements

We believe that a specification developed in your plant is your standard.
We will listen to what you want and then design a product to suit their requirements. This ensures that the users of the product have a direct input into the design and specification of the product.
We are able to supply 95% of bespoke products well within a six week period.
At first, any non standard wheels will be made to order. As our relationship grows we will look to hold your commonly supplied wheels in stock.


Built to Your Specifications

The objective of any grinding wheel is to fulfil a number of different criteria and requirements; both technical and economic. The objective is to strike the perfect balance for the application you perform.
The first is that it has to be able to remove the highest volume of stock in the shortest time. In addition it must also provide the finish that you are looking for. The second criterion is that the wheels have to be durable enough to last.


De Beers raw materials

De Beers is the hallmark of quality within the diamond industry. All of the diamond used within our wheels is supplied direct.
You therefore do not need to worry that costs have been saved by cutting corners and putting 'cheap' diamond into your wheels.


John A Stevens - Technical Manager

Our Technical Manager, John A Stevens, has been involved in the industry for 53 years.
Since his pioneering development work with Triefus Industries he has successfully set up and run a number of businesses, including John Stevens International, and Harlequin International Ltd.
Having left in 1999, he has continued to further develop the bonds used in our wheels.

Contact him now sales@jascoabrasives.com


Our manufacturing partners

Our bonds and manufacturing technology have been developed exclusively by our technical manager. This technology brings together over 50 years of consistent, high quality development - for a great price.
All of our wheels are produced using the most up to date production machines available. To ensure the highest levels of quality, the production facility operates under the universal ISO standards and has received ISO9001 & ISO9002 accreditation. This means that you will receive all of the benefits and results of our technical know how, with all of the advantages of large scale, modern production.
Quality promise
Our high quality product is backed up by a premium quality promise.  In the unlikely event that you ever experience a problem with one of our wheels, we will work with you to identify the root cause, and take action where needed. This is backed by a no questions money back guarantee.


Delivering on our promises

Most of the common specification of resin bonded diamond and CBN products used in TCT saw grinding are held in stock. Which results in a swift delivery time from our stock bases.



Jasco Abrasives.
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E-mail sales@jascoabrasives.com


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